Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

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Ok maybe it does get better :sob:


(Sean) #825

Produced by the incredible Harmony Samuels:

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis had a hand in producing her vocals. What was your experience being in the studio with all three of them?

Woah is probably the expression. It was a very iconic moment. Two legendary icons, on production and the other as an artist come together and to see the simplicity. You can tell they were family and that they knew each other for long, but there was still a mutual respect. You can tell that they experienced life together and told exceptional stories amongst themselves. They were also really receptive of me. Uncle Terry and Uncle Jimmy, as I call them, have also been fans of my work too, so it was good for us to be able to come together.


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(Jeremy) #827

Nike Rodgers really knows how to groove.

(Sean) #828

For sure. Saw him live and the current Chic band, earlier this year - incredible.

If he’s touring your area, go see him. He’s still playing at his peak.

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(Sean) #830

Performed by one legend, co-produced by two other legends.


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Brilliant new album. I’ve always loved everything this guy does.


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A nice little Jagged Edge sample in there.


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New jam.


(Sean) #835

So many great new releases today.

Samples the Mary J Blige classic ‘I can love you’.


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The Troutman Talkbox bloodline continues! :raised_hands:


(Sean) #837

This guy is probably single handedly the biggest influence on most of my favourite modern stuff growing up.

Wait till you see who comes out to ‘Remember The Time’ :sunglasses:

(Sean) #838

Written by Teddy Riley, Bernard Belle & Dave Way

Produced and mixed by Teddy Riley



An overlooked gem -

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It’s a Teddy Riley Saturday morning.


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Eric Gadd. Popular artist from '90s in Sweden.