Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

(Jan) #864

R. Kelly song/prod

(Sean) #865

Great new song. But crappy sound quality? Sounds better on Apple Music :angry:

Something wrong with the Tidal FLAC file version.


(Sean) #866

Oh wow. So funky. Off a great new EP.


(Sean) #867

Wow. I don’t even need to know what’s being said to love this (although it would make things even better if I brushed up on my Deutsche! :grin: )

Glorious melodies… One of my favourite new albums this year.


(SoulEye) #868

Wow this album is great. Sinnerman by Keziah Jones is a masterpiece. And Melody Gardot, Gregory Porter, Ben L’Oncle Soul… Great production

(Sean) #869

Brandon Coleman of Kamasi Washington’s band.

New album just dropped and it’s brilliant.

Roger Troutman’s foot is tappin to this one :pray:


(Sean) #870

Soulful acoustic. Brilliant.


(Sean) #871

The funky version


(Sean) #872


(Sean) #873

I love a great album cut.


(Sean) #874



(Sean) #875


(Sean) #876

So much great new soul/funk/R&B music coming out.


(Sean) #877

After news that The Eagles Greatest Hits has now passed Thriller for highest selling album in the US, there is a small movement in the US for people to re-buy and stream Thriller, to try and re-claim the top spot :grin:

Doing my small part and streaming from Tidal, for the first time ever actually for Thriller, since I have the 24/88 hi-res version (and original CD) :grin:


(Jan) #878

Browsing through daughter’s playlists. Hidden among Drake, Travis Scott, Ski Mask and whatnot, I found this gem. Great listen!

(Jan) #879

Khalid. Agreed, nothing feels better than this!

(Sean) #880

Ha, this is the new young generation’s MJ and Prince :grin:


(Sean) #881

Great melodies. I love how the new generation keeps the talkbox alive too (at the end of the track).

(Sean) #882

“All I Do”, had originally been written by a teenaged Wonder and collaborators Clarence Paul and Morris Broadnax in 1966. Tammi Terrell recorded the original version of the song that year, but her version never saw release in her lifetime and remained in the Motown vaults until it was posthumously included on the compilation A Cellarful of Motown! in the UK in 2002, 32 years after her death. Brenda Holloway also recorded a version that was released on her Motown Anthology set in 2005. Michael Jackson, Eddie Levert and Walter Williams of the O’Jays, and Betty Wright provided backing vocals for the song on Wonder’s album.


(Sean) #883

When it comes to music that’s good for the soul, this guy is just on another level.

And that’s even before you start to talk about his playing instruments & production.

And that is all even before you start to talk about his visual impairment.

His music still brings different generations and different cultures together across the globe.

What a gift to the world.