Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

(Sean) #884

From Stevie’s timeless classic sound to a very current but also unique sound of R&B. It’s very different today obviously but to me the melodies and emotions are there - just with different lyrical style and different production tools.

I love it all! :grin:

There’s a bit of a Nils Frahm style of recording at the start with the piano. Love the cinematic violins at the end too. Great production.


(Jan) #885

Jazzy feeling.

+Great sampling

(Jan) #886

I really enjoy this poetic, spoken word/rap album! Think D’Angelo/Erykah Badu / Angie Stone than trap :smiley: With real instruments! Definitely my favourite album so far this year!

@Sean2016, I think you will like this but you have probably already heard this!

Sorry for stepping outside this thread’s directions. Again :pray:

(Sean) #887

Don’t be silly - no need to apologise. Soulful rap belongs here for sure. Great soulful production as you say.

Added to this evening’s queue list :+1:

(Jan) #888

Some more soulful soul.

(Jan) #889

From Australia :wink:. Hand clapping, ´80s bass and synths in an instrumental,modern mix. Wow! Me like!

(Jan) #890

Soul ballad. Great listen!

(Jan) #891

A groovey, funky track

(Jan) #892

Flute-funky music from Finland. My first thought was this has to be a soundtrack from a forgotten blaxploitation movie. I couldn’t be more wrong. This dope music is from the year of 2018. Did I say Finland?

(Jan) #893

She’s in Australia on tour. Lucky you!

(Jan) #894

Kool Kat from Denmark. Easy listening.

(Jan) #895

Norway delivers big time! Flores! Beautiful!

(Sean) #896

Wow. It’s nice to have someone sharing more of the great global soul & R&B out there.

There’s a world of great music I haven’t even touched yet.

Great melodies speaks to all cultures and languages.

(Jan) #897

So much music, so little time. It’s a challenge to keep track of releases and to find them! I am glad to be on Roon and share and receive inspiration to great music. I really enjoy Rola. Great listen!

(Jan) #898

Flores, mentioned earlier, collaborates with Maths Time Joy from UK.
Great listen!

(Mark) #899

RoonShareImage-636731203765884901 Went to see Moses Sumney last night in Leeds. He was rather marvelous and this is such a great album.

(Sean) #900

Just watched the new Q documentary on Netflix. Wow !


(Jan) #901

Scandinavia’s Erykah Badu- Camilla Luna from Norway.

(Jan) #902

That baseline. Linn & Freddie from Stockholm, Sweden.

(Sean) #903

Oh my days. 86 seconds is too short - such a tease ! :grin: :pray: