Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

(Sean) #1104

Nice! Hasn’t hit Tidal (in Roon) yet but will re-check tomorrow.

Loved his 2017 album “Hold On”.


Will check ‘Hold On’!

(Jan) #1106

Funky vibes from Norway. Ole Børud.

(Jan) #1107

It’s so Toto good, don’t you think :smile:

(Jan) #1108

I miss the old D’Angelo when I listen to this new track.

(Sean) #1109

Eric Benet has been so underrated. Especially that album. But don’t feel too sorry for him. He was married to Halle Berry for so long :grin:

Nice Toto joke, ha. I had always heard that the original was a Toto joint but never bothered to listen to the original because I was so used to covers by great artists just blowing the original away. And how could it be as good as the Eric Benet and Faith version? Surely not, especially the age gap (of the recording).

Just last year I finally listened to the Toto original for the first time ever - and my socks were blown off. That band are some bad mamma jammas.

(Sean) #1110

Ha! Same here.

(Jan) #1111

And cheated on her. How could he :angry:
Yeah, the original is great! I have always enjoyed Toto, “Hold the line” was the first encounter for me.

(Sean) #1112

Always loved their popular classics like Hold The Line and Africa.

But when I heard Georgy Porgy, I was shocked - I thought, this band can do straight, pure R&B too. Never heard that side of them. Multi talented.

(Jan) #1113

Very nice. Selma Judith is the daughter of Film Director Lars von Trier.

(Jan) #1114

Soulful music from Norway, Ole MAA.

(Jan) #1115

Leslie Tay from Malmö, Sweden.

(Sean) #1116

Gorgeous track and production.


(Jan) #1117

Enjoyable. It’s so exciting to read a concert review that leads to one artist that participates on someone else’s track where the singer is the artist on this track! Roon delivers!

(Sean) #1118

Gorgeous 70’s styled/influenced production.


(Sean) #1119

The artist bio in Roon is right on the money - R&B influenced indie electronic pop.

Love this track.

(Sean) #1120

Gorgeous track by Eternal, released in 1997…

But it became a real smash hit when Monica covered it… only a year later !


(Sean) #1121


(Jan) #1122

Very nice!

(Sean) #1123

Nice new EP. Great listen.