Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

(Sean) #1124


(Sean) #1125


(Jan) #1126

(Jan) #1127

Nice track!

(Jan) #1128

New to me. NiGHTS.

(Sean) #1129

Another great funky track from this album. Talented sisters.


(Jan) #1130

How could I have missed this one? Roon shows the way. Again :clap:

(Jan) #1131

Smooth jazz cover. Check out who sings on it :wink:

(Jan) #1132

(Sean) #1133

Nice new track.

(Sean) #1134

Classic 90’s R&B production. Gorgeous melodies.


(Sean) #1135



(Sean) #1136

@jaguone, I need you to find & (politely) ask this guy what’s taking so long for the follow-up album… :grin:



The funkiest of soul jazz!


(Jan) #1138

I’ll hunt him down for you. :eyes: I’ve seen him at my favourite cafe. But it’ll cost you a lot of Roon likes :wink:

(Jan) #1139

Ciara. And Afrika Bambaataa. And Kraftwerk.

(Sean) #1140

Ha wow, I was only joking of course but how small is this world that you share the same cafe.

He produced such a great album in 2014. 5 years later, still waiting…

MJ gave us Thriller, 3 years after Off The Wall… Hurry up Kim ! :grin:

(Jan) #1141

Quincy. Son of Al B. Sure! and godson of Quincy (you know who) and adopted son of Puff Daddy (he is not Diddy to me). Nice backup and nice song!

(Jan) #1142

Roon radio played this for me! Great track!

(Jan) #1143

Another random Roon radio track. Wow! Haven’t really been using Roon radio but now great songs just keep coming!