Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

(Sean) #1144

Nice. This was a brilliant listen.

(Jan) #1145

Marlene from Sweden.

(Joachim F) #1146

Loving the iyla EP. Thanks, great find.

proves it again, need to spend more time with soundcloud, mixcloud etc to discover the new artists :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jan) #1147

Keymono from Lithuania. Great listen!

(Sean) #1148

So much great new music being released.

The classic soul sound and great duets are alive and well.


(Sean) #1149

Jorja Smith above and Mahalia below, the UK R&B scene is on fire at the moment and the ladies are leading the way. Ella Mai leading the pack of course.


(Sean) #1150

More great music coming out of the UK. What the hell is in the water over there at the moment :grin:


(Sean) #1151

I can never get enough of this album. Great vocals, gorgeous harmonies, gorgeous production, gorgeous melodies.

Still patiently waiting for him to tour locally. And follow-up album !!


(Sean) #1152

What a talented mofo :grin:

(Sean) #1153

G-Funk lives on. Had to recruit the Dogg Father :grin:


(Sean) #1154

Biggest fan of Donell Jones here. Singer, songwriter, arranger, instrumentalist, producer.


(Sean) #1155

He will always be Sean to me - kids these days only know him for Ciroc Vodka. They don’t know the maestro behind the boards way back in the day :grin:


(Joachim F) #1156

(Sean) #1157

For any soulful house music fans - featuring the gorgeous vocals of Angela Johnson.


(Sean) #1158

Rhythm and the blues


(Sean) #1159

Earth Wind & Fire and Nile Rogers vibes. This was supposed to come just before a highly anticipated album… still waiting for that album :grin:


(Sean) #1160

Interesting news Down Under, in the world of R&B and touring… Denmark has apparently now banned his music from its radio stations…

(Jan) #1161

It’s the Brexit anxiety :grimacing:
Great find! Thanks!

(Jan) #1162

Listened to this one?

(Jan) #1163

Well, even Swedes could play that funky music :grinning: