Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

(Sean) #1164

Hilarious! And probably correct :grin:

(Sean) #1165

Now I have. Gorgeous listen. Need to listen to that entire Chance Hayden album this evening.

(Jan) #1166

Titityo. Sweden’s Queen of Soul. Neneh Cherry’s half sister. Say no more.

(Jan) #1167

Folk :smile: Great listen!

(Jan) #1168

Bee Gees live cover. Beautiful! Gives me goosebumps!
Edit: won a Grammy for Best Traditional R&B Performance yesterday. Didn’t know that or that it was nominated.

(Sean) #1169

I’m half Swede - one of my most important sources for new R&B music each week is this Spotify playlist by Filtr Sweden.

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Let’s take it back to '84.


(Jan) #1172

Just started listening to this. Really, really nice!

(Jan) #1173

Half Swede :smile: Who knew!
Please elaborate.

(Sean) #1174

Ha. Long time Spotify user, fan of Kim Cesarion and was a fan of the Tomas Brolin & Martin Dahlin duo in the '94 World Cup? And Zlatan of course! Can’t forget Elsa Hosk !

Surely that’s enough !? :grin:

(Sean) #1175

Lots of rhythm and lots of blues on this track. Love the production too.


(Sean) #1176

Gorgeous melodies, harmonies & production.


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I hear a splash of Ginuwine ‘Pony’.



(Sean) #1180

Loved this. Some vicious pipe organ work on the classic ‘Love the one you’re with’ - taking it to church!

I’ve heard so many sax covers of Stevie’s ‘Isn’t she lovely’ - this is my new favourite.

(Sean) #1181

More smooth and soulful jazz.


(Sean) #1182

I’m sure the composer and song title give away what song this covers/samples/remixes :grin:

@Joachim_Fishman’s favourite.


(Joachim F) #1183

:smile: Always fun with variation to your favourites. Thanks.

Woah, Very in your face mix compared to this next post!