Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

(Joachim F) #1184

Short detour in the middle of this absolutely brilliant album.

(Sean) #1185

Agreed - I like what they did with the melodies and harmonies though.

Released in 2000, so I’m sure it put a smile on MJ’s face and got his foot tappin when he heard it.

I’ve only just discovered it now. Apple Music’s radio mode is killer good.

(Joachim F) #1186

Yes, I did add the album to my library. Song now in a Temperton playlist. Thanks for the find.

(Sean) #1187

Talking about gorgeous melodies & harmonies…

Samples “You Are Everything” by The Stylistics and “The Payback” by James Brown.

Production by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. Vocals by Ms. Blige.

What more do you need.


(Sean) #1188

Love this new track by Ms. Keys. Co-written by ‘The Dream’.


(Sean) #1189

The roots…


(Sean) #1190

Speaking of the roots of popular soul/R&B… 1965… and this legend (Smokey) is still performing today…


(Sean) #1191

This kid just has way too much soul in his vocals for his age here. 11 years old…


(Sean) #1192

Wow. Before T-Pain, before Teddy Riley, before Roger Troutman… (press to play the video)

(Joachim F) #1193

Neede to add on to the sampling of MJ. :grinning:

(Daniel Beyer) #1194

(Sean) #1195

Great collab and great production.


(Sean) #1196

Miss the old Kanye (i.e the young Kanye) :grin:


(Chris ) #1197

I just saw an interview on BBC 1 that there is a bio pic of Teddy Pendergrass being released with the support of his family. A lot of archive pictures and interviews have been unearthed. Look out for it…

If you don’t know Teddy, (If you don’t know me by now) he was originally the voice of Harold Melvyn and the Bluenotes.

(Sean) #1198

Nate Mercereau:

  1. bass guitar
  2. guitar
  3. drums
  4. French horn
  5. trumpet
  6. glockenspiel
  7. strings
  8. keyboards
  9. percussion
  10. piano
  11. organ
  12. Producer and Recording Engineer too…

Oh my goodness :scream: I wish I had 1% of this musical talent :sob:

Talk about having a secret weapon on your album… :grin:


(Sean) #1199


(Sean) #1200


(Sean) #1201

Love her vocal runs from 4:10 to 4:15. A gentleman in the crowd seems to like it too :grin:

Goosebumps at 4:20


(Sean) #1202

Trombone virtuoso Jeff Bradshaw feat. the sublime vocals of Glenn Lewis

Gorgeous production


(Sean) #1203

Probably my favourite track of 2018. Also off my favourite album of 2018.

Featuring the sensational Christian Scott on trumpet.

Jazz, HipHop and R&B converge.

Gorgeous dynamic range too, for those of you playing the DR numbers game at home :grin: