Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

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“Footsteps” includes Omarion apparently

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Such a great song!

(Sean) #1227

Who the hell would have thought actor Idris Elba (rumoured to be the next James Bond…) would be the one to help bring soulful UK garage back in 2019… not me but I luv it :grin:

Love it.







Joey DeFrancesco is one of my favourite Hammond organists. His MJ album is great fun!


Hi @HWZ, it is! Didn’t know it, came across it and was pleasantly surprised by it :smiley:

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The Endorphins from Sweden. Co-produced by Tommy Black (Kendrick Lamar , Ab-Soul) & Jake Oh.
Great listen!

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Another gem. Erika de Casier from Denmark.

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What do you think about this soulful gospel-flavoured track?I think it’s great!
It has that obligatory modulation that Eurovision songs must have :wink:
On Saturday, this may win the 2019 Swedish Eurovision.
It should be a hit down under, @Sean2016.
John Lundvik also wrote the Eurovision 2019 UK entry. He´s on a roll!

Another possible winner is this 16-year-old Instagram singer, Bishara.

(Sean) #1237

Great listens @jaguone , as expected coming from The Hit Factory, also known as Sweden :grin:

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Loved this. A little bit of UK garage style beat during the chorus. A bit of that classic Ghostdown DJ’s ‘My Boo’ beat too, of course.

The mention of UK garage makes me cry a little on the inside - I bought tickets months ago to finally see Craig David here but couldn’t make it on the night, a few weeks ago. First world problems of course. Next time :grin:

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That is some viciously good organ work @HWZ @Grump

(Jan) #1240

Sorry to hear. Craig David is a great artist. “Inter selecta” :wink:

(Sean) #1241

I just had to listen to it. It’s been a while :grin:

He didn’t invent UK garage but this definitely put it on the global map.

My mind was blown at the time :exploding_head: because I’d never heard that style/genre of music before, or anything like it.


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Me too! While we’re on that UK garage path.

(Sean) #1243

Wow, you went way back. Absolute classic. I haven’t heard this in years.

(Jan) #1244

Listened to this on repeat while on an assignment in Iceland in 2000. Classic indeed!