Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

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Sean, one of the best ‘live moments’ of my life…A&S gig at the (now gone) BB Kings on 42nd Street, mid 2000s. fabulous gig…when they played this they eventually ‘broke it down’ and passed the mike to Alison Williams and Freddy Jackson, who were just sitting at a table enjoying dinner. They took the gobsmacked audience to church. Mesmerizing

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And also a great reminder for me to play some Freddie Jackson on this sunny Sunday morning. Nice to see another Freddie fan here.

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Fantastic. The UK and Swedish R&B scene is really poppin.

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Great listen. Entire album.

R&B music is nice and healthy, worldwide.

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Great choice - thanks for reminding me

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Try this

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A good friend turned me onto this track / album some years ago. True classic.


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Oh yeah. That is nice!

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Darn it, you need this one too.

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It’s a foot tappin Fourplay evening.

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Was listening to Amy Winehouse and this was the first one up on Roon Radio. Nicely done Roon!

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