Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

(Scott G) #1446

Geez, I don’t know about Fourplay (the band!). When smooth jazz smacked us in the face here in the US you couldn’t listen for more than 45 minutes without hearing Fourplay and Kenny G a couple times.
For me, it’s something like when you had too much whiskey one night, you don’t want to touch it again. But… I’m drinking whiskey again, so time to listen to these cats.

(Sean) #1447

Oh great reminder to play some Kenny. You’re gonna hate this one :grin:

Kenny G always brings a smile because my grandma (RIP) was hilariously obsessed with the man. Brings back great memories.

This was her favourite. Featuring the smooth vocals of Paebo !

(Scott G) #1448

Okay. Kenny G tonight. At least one song (The Frames can wait).
No hate in my heart. Just doesn’t happen.
Thanks Sean.


That guy’s got a hell of a LOT of hair…:grinning:
(I’m probably just envious…)

(Sean) #1450

I think Grandma was just as obsessed with his hair, as his music… :grin:

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(Jeremy Jones) #1452

I know what you mean. It’s the black hole of smooth jazz you have to avoid. I love smooth jazz, but can’t listen to the Sirius radio channel devoted to it because it plays an endless stream of hotel lobby muzak. I’m OK with Fourplay in limited doses. the SQ production and musicianship is always outstanding.

(Sean) #1453

Modern classic.

(Sean) #1454

Ventura, the new album is out! This is what I wished Oxnard was.

Production sounds top notch, as expected with the album mixed by Doc Dre…


(Sean) #1455

New electronic r&b. Funky.

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(Sean) #1457

(Sean) #1458

Love this new one by Breezy.

(Scott G) #1459

Great! Thanks for the heads up. Playing now.

(Sean) #1460

One of my favourite playlists in Tidal. Should be accessible in Roon too. This gets updated with new tracks every week.

(Sean) #1461

Top notch song writing, vocals, melodies, harmonies & production :ok_hand:

Modern classic

(Sean) #1462

(Jeremy Jones) #1463

Feel like some 70’s old school. At about this point in their career, AWB were anything but average.

(Sean) #1464

Two of my favourites just teamed up. 90’s R&B is still goin strong :grin:

(Sean) #1465