Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

(Scott G) #1466

I’ll meet your Motown and raise you a Philly Soul. This is a particularly great tune from their live show. If your curtains ain’t blowin’ when you’re playing this you’re doing it wrong.
While you’re in the neighborhood, also check out their version of I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) on disc 2.





(Sean) #1469

I might be the biggest Hall & Oates fan! Rock 'n Soul at it’s finest.

Loved these 2 tracks. When Darryl loses it at 7min45sec on Cab Driver, wow. Goosebumps… you can’t teach or learn that kind of soul. You either have it or you don’t. And wow, this version of ‘I Can’t Go’ is so groovy. These guys are really somethin else.

Putting music into genres is more just fun than it is important for me… it’s not too serious for me… but I’ve always considered these guys an R&B group lol. I stand by that and will not budge :grin:

I hadn’t played this album before, so thanks for the ‘heads ups’. Listening to the full album now. The recording is nice too.




I’m afraid that you have some competition… :smiley:

I have memories of the Night of Out of Touch when I was 17… On repeat. For hours. And hours.

(Ricky Cash) #1472

This guy right here

(Scott G) #1473

That’s really nice. Different, and I mean that in the best way!

(Sean) #1474

New Pharrell Williams remix just dropped.

(Sean) #1475

Classic Soulful House.

(Sean) #1476

(Sean) #1477

New O’Jays ! Co-written by Bruno Mars… Great track.

(Sean) #1478


(Ricky Cash) #1479

The O’jays keep going and going. Really nice album.

(Ricky Cash) #1480


(Sean) #1481

Electronic Soul/Blues.


(Jan) #1482

Finally getting settled in our new house with a dedicated office/man cave. Wife didn’t want to have extra TV speakers so now I can setup these with the Bluesound Powernode2. Just need a bigger desk for the speakers and headphone rig. Problems, I know.:roll_eyes:
Now I need catch up with you guys!

(Jan) #1483

More of that Philly soul!

(Chris ) #1484

Takes me back to the days we ran a mobile disco in the late 70’s… Ain’t no stopping us now…

(Jan) #1485

Mighty voice!