Now Playing view won't close, sometimes

MacOS 10.15.4. Roon client 537. Late-2013 MacBook Pro with only integrated graphics.

I’ve not read about this issue, searches come up dry, occasionally with Now Playing view up, the X in the left hand corner stops responding and I’m not able to close the view. If I select DSP, or Apple icon in the Mac top left and choose About Roon, the About screen comes up, and the screen will change and I can then get back to Overview or elsewhere.

This is more of a an FYI as I have a work around and it only occurs ~10% of the time.

Hi Larry,

Next time that happens, can you click the icon at the bottom centre of the screen and see if that closes Now Playing?

If you can see any pattern to the freeze, that would be helpful for the developers.

Cheers, Greg

Will do. Anecdotally I believe it effects Live Radio more than other sources.

It’s been 10 days since this problem has occurred but it just happened. Clicking the ‘down’ carrot does not work to close the Now Playing view.

Hello @Larry_Post, thanks for your report! If you reinstall Roon on your Mac does this still happen? Let’s give that a try and see if we get a better result.

Done. I’ll update when/if it occurs again,


Just to report that the same thing has happened to me. I got stuck on the Now playing screen, and the “X” close button was not working. Nor did the little arrow at the bottom as asked above. Quitting and restarting Roon took me back to the same dead-end. Eventually I tried the Queue button and that got me somewhere else, from whence I could move on to the menu and other parts of Roon and get back to normal.

MacOS 10.15.5, Roon 1.7 build 555, Rock core at same version.

Prior to this happening I think the “now playing” screen had been for a player in another room and I clicked on the zone to change to my room. I have not been able to replicate exactly the same conditions however.

Hello @anonymouse, thanks for the report! If you get this behavior to happen again, please let me know! I’d like to get a timestamp and a log from someone who experiences this on a recurring basis.

It just occurred for me. June 8th, 9am local time DST. What logs would you like?

When the next track played, the issue was gone, Now Playing closed normally.

Awesome @Larry_Post, thanks for reporting that! On the machine where you experienced this, use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using this link. Please let me know when you’ve uploaded the logs so I can get them over to my team!

Also, in order to file the report, can you please provide these details?

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Log folder zipped and uploaded via link.

Client is 2019 16" MacBook Pro. 780Mbs wireless link to Netgear Orbi 4-node ‘mesh’ acting as AP-only, connected to Netgear 8 port unmanaged switch connected to Cisco 8 port 2960G run as unmanaged to Core running on Windows 10 Roon Server.

Roon access from all clients is typically very quick/responsive even on iOS device after app sleep.

Hey @Larry_Post, thanks for the info! I’m submitting the report now and will return when I have heard from the QA team.

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