Now that most of us are working from home

I catch myself listening to music in my office more than in my main listening room. Keeping the minimalistic approach and finding the weakest link (I believe it’s my powered speakers) - what are some good recommendations for an active/powered speakers under $1800? I am not into analytical sound, but want to enjoy the digital music for hours without fatigue. I listen to all genres. My office space is an outdoor glass structure around 200 sq. ft. Some on my radar are; Acoustic Energy AE1, Dynaudio Xeo2, Elac Navis, KEF LS50. But again focus on that smooth, liquid, full sound - and prefer no DSP.

Current office set up:
Roon Core - dedicated to Roon only HP laptop
TIDAL subscription
Metrum Jade DAC
KRK Rockit 5 powered speakers.

I’ve been using a pair of Kef LSX for around a month, no regrets, great SQ, small footprint.

Qacoustics BT3 here, had them a few years and I am very surprised at how good they sound for the low cost. The AE1 seem to be well liked and they are ones I am looking at along with Dynaudio Lydd 5 for a possible upgrade next year as I want to go AES and have no need for wireless. I don’t get on with concentric drivers so Kef would not be in the running for me.