NRFY - Ability to play the Singles as a group (answered)

I have not spent much time on the “Home” page, but with the Daily Mixes I have been doing that more.

So I am on New Releases For Your, Singles Tab. I would like to Play that collection, but I don’t see a play button. Isn’t that how I get to know the new songs? I understand for an album, you might click into it and hit play, but for a collection of Tracks, you want to play the list (especially after you filter by Genre). Roon devs are mostly album listeners it seems!

Thanks, I moved it to Feature Request. Roon please add a button after you hit “more” that is Play for the filtered list.

You have to select one single (clicking right with your mouse, or point and hold on a tablet), until the single is selected. Then click ‘Select All’ and Play Now.



I’ve just learnt something new :slight_smile:

You get a GOLD STAR!! :star: :star: :star: