NRFY Suggestions Could Be Improved

No idea, I don’t have other streaming services. What I know is 1) I’ve not seen this until recently; 2) I don’t think Valence changed much. I’ve been professionally involved in or adjacent to various kinds of ranking and spam filtering over the last 20 years, I can tell you that a radical change like what we’ve witnessed in the last few days strongly suggests that Qobuz recently accepted a lot of junk that just made it past Roon’s “innocent” filters.

Did a bit more digging. If I go to the Qobuz tabs and select my favorite genres (jazz, classical, world) I see a great array of music, none of the junk. Yet, Roon Valence seems to be sorting junk to the top. Looks to me like a problem with the Valence ranking function, maybe due aliasing between junk and user preference vectors.

Yes of course

More complicated than that. Qobuz should not allow that kind of junk. But they do, likely its per-play rate is so low that it seems profitable (race to the bottom). Like the junk in Netflix. But you are right, Valence should do a better job of modeling my real preferences. However, given what I know professionally about the kinds of ML models used for recommendations, it’s hard to avoid problematic aliasing with a relatively small training set (order of 10^5 users).

Hi All,

We’ve recently made some changes in this area, can you please let us know if you’re still seeing similar behavior moving forward? Thank you!

Waay better, thank you! NRfY is telling me again about music I actually want to hear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Looks like Qobuz is again not playing ball with NRFY.

Working well for me, no longer filled with spammy reissues and showing a lot of good new material.