NRfY suggests not yet released albums

It’s rather irritating that NRfY presents an album but then all but one of the album’s tracks are unavailable until some indefinite future release date. It’s not really a new release, just a teaser! Qobuz release process is rather frustrating, and Roon amplifies this by not ignoring albums with unavailable tracks. Please fix!

The flip side of this is that the tracks available are an early taste of what the new album holds.
Glass half full / glass half empty.
I would prefer just getting the new stuff as an EP, or sequential singles. Hard to know if this is the music service or the label?

Simply, something should not be presented as an “album” that is just one track from a forthcoming album.

This is getting truly ridiculous. NRfY from Qobuz announces albums in mid-February that won’t be available until April, at the same time with release dates from January. I might like a separate “forthcoming” tab, but going through NRfY and discovering that most of them are “virtual” albums is really annoying.

yeah, I have noticed this too and it is annoying because I’ll see a new album from an Artist I really like and I’ll get really excited just t find out most or all of the tracks are unavailable. I really never noticed this until about March-April of last year due to COVID-19 so I think that has a lot to do with it. They are super involved in their support thread on audiophile style Official Qobuz Issues Thread - Networking, Networked Audio, and Streaming - Audiophile Style :grin: