NT-505 “starting” message

My original model Teac NT 505 has a problem where it won’t boot when switched on. It displays the flashing starting message and never boots into a working state. Is there a way to perform a reset or get it to revert back to a default configuration or do I need to get this to my Teac dealer?

Teac NT-505 User Manual (Page 28 of 88) | ManualsLib

This is how you factory reset.

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Thank you for that. I tried that originally and it did not work. The NT 505 has two different elements. DAC firmware and streamer firmware. The fix was the reset button for the streamer at the rear in a recess. I was contacted by PM and that was suggested and it did work. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Henry
Did you update your Teac NT 505 firmware 1.30?

It has the latest firmware on both elements now, but since I updated the DAC section (which allows the sleep function to work) the streaming element will not load. Not sure if the flash storage has failed or something else.

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How do you update your 505? Connect direct to computer? Thanks

You download the file and DAC drivers, install the drivers, connect the DAC with a MicroUSB cable and launch the exe. file. There is a guide on the Teac site.

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Update go well. Thank you very much.

I had the starting issue just recently. Your method of using the rear reset worked for me as well. Thank You for posting that info!

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Hi Henry, have you managed to solve the streaming element to load? I have two units, one works ok but on the other the network does not load, no info about firrmware for network in the menu. Could you provide info on how to update each elements separetly please? The network card seems to work as I see it flashing.

Hi, is it just a simple push in while it’s powered ON? or does it require a specific steps to reset it via the rear reset please? I have similar problem on starting message upon powering it ON, but after 5 min it warmes up I just switch it OFF and ON again and it connects withouth a problem, olny after a certian period of no use, it gets stuck when powered ON. I am on the latest firmware.

Mine has now failed, seemingly permanently. As a direct consequence I am now moving to a DAC and separate streamer which is a shame because I was very happy with the streaming side of my setup. So much so that at the top of my list is the U2 Mini. The process for the reset (which only worked twice for me) was switch off and unplug. Leave for 2 minutes then switch back on with the switch on the back depressed for around 20 seconds.

Thanks Henry, sorry to hear that yours has failed, seems like many are on the same boat. I am sure if everyone stepped out TEAC would have to recall all the units, I am sure they don’t want bad publicity but I don’t even know where to even start to force TEAC to admit that the streaming part simply fails on those NT-505’s making it not fit for purpose.

I know some folks have their repaired within warranty and some opted to pay for the repair, which maybe you could look into?

Lumin U2 Mini surely is a good piece but personally I wouldn’t pay that much for just a streamer, NT-505 really is “do it all device”

I have tried the reset without success. Bought it cheap knowing the problem. Maybe I’ll repair it and sell or keep it, or leave it as is. At the moment I have it connected to my PC via USB acting as a sound card/DAC :slight_smile:

Kind regards

My Netwerk portion of the TEAC has completely failed as well. Sent it to United radio for repair estimate, came back with an $800 price tag! Not worth that much to me. I have an inquiry to TEAC parts for buying just the network card by itself, it’s a very simple replacement. I’ve been waiting two weeks for the reply…

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Keep us informed. It would be good to get mine back to full function. I can’t imagine the board differs too much from the present production examples.


Wow. Was quoted $902 for the network module as a part. Someone’s trying to make a buck.

Well I have the same issue and so it seems to be a common problem. What are our options if the reset doesn’t work? Maybe Teac can come in here and give us a reply. I live in the Netherlands btw.

I will open and look to see where ethernet connect. You may find on eBay.