NT-505 “starting” message

My original model Teac NT 505 has a problem where it won’t boot when switched on. It displays the flashing starting message and never boots into a working state. Is there a way to perform a reset or get it to revert back to a default configuration or do I need to get this to my Teac dealer?

Teac NT-505 User Manual (Page 28 of 88) | ManualsLib

This is how you factory reset.

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Thank you for that. I tried that originally and it did not work. The NT 505 has two different elements. DAC firmware and streamer firmware. The fix was the reset button for the streamer at the rear in a recess. I was contacted by PM and that was suggested and it did work. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Henry
Did you update your Teac NT 505 firmware 1.30?

It has the latest firmware on both elements now, but since I updated the DAC section (which allows the sleep function to work) the streaming element will not load. Not sure if the flash storage has failed or something else.

How do you update your 505? Connect direct to computer? Thanks

You download the file and DAC drivers, install the drivers, connect the DAC with a MicroUSB cable and launch the exe. file. There is a guide on the Teac site.

Update go well. Thank you very much.

I had the starting issue just recently. Your method of using the rear reset worked for me as well. Thank You for posting that info!