Nuc 11 rock installation - do I need to update bios?

I plan to install rock on a nuc 11 and i’ve seen some posts in the community that say it’s not necessary to update the bios to install Rock and others that seem to recommend it, in particular the nuc installation instructions from Roon. However, some users have reported problems after updating the bios, so i thought i would ask if any users believe it is a must to update the bios for the rock installation to work or i should be able to get away without it.

Either way, i think i understand it’s important to configure the bios to install the rock on the ssd drive with secure boot disabled and uefi selected to boot first which presumably is selecting the ssd drive to boot first while USB should also be selected as a boot device but without priority.

Any further insights will be appreciated before i attempt it!

Not really, I think this all harks back to the early days when the nucs did. Saying that it’s generally good practice to have a device up to date.

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