NUC 7i7BNH fan speed

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I recommend search for, download, and install…

CPUID HWMonitor (the latest version, I have 1.34 and it tells me there is an update available)

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Will this work with ROCK?

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Ah, didnt occur to me. Just windows as far as I know. Let us know if there is actually a linux version. …

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Nothing will work with ROCK – you can’t officially install/run software on ROCK.

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EDIT: I feel obligated to add, if you run what I suggest above, be aware the temp can go critically high if your cpu works at or near 100%. It is intended for normal Roon Server tasks only, where processor load is in the single digits or teens.

If say, you decide to use Illustrate’s tools that finds duplicates in your music library, like I did yesterday and noticed, that’s going run at 100% for hours. The CPU will go to & above 90 degrees centigrade within a few seconds.

SO … you’ll want to first go into the bios and change the cooling profile to Cool. Then after the task is done you can go into the bios again and set the cooling profile back to Fanless or Quiet (with the latter you can make sure Fan Off Capability is checked, and set temp a little higher to 45C. As my NUC idles or serves music from 40 - 43C, so 45C ensures some decent fanless time).

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note that certain DSP settings and analysis settings in Roon can make you out to 100% of all cores for hours.

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True dat! :slight_smile: I’d like to thank your organization for giving us control over how many CPU cores we engage when scanning the library after adding music. 1 - 3 kept the utilization, and heat, within reason on my NUC. Throttled, really is. :wink:

Say, could you elaborate on the other settings that can push processor utilization to 100%? I never saw that with the dsps I use, but I never used all the dsps available to date. Perhaps Convolution?

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Doing DSP natively on DSD content at high rates will always be expensive. Convolution can get pretty bad, depending on the number of taps.


Unfortunately I can confirm that. I am running the NUC (7th generation i5) in my bedroom and up to now I had no issue with the fan noise. For a reason unknown the noise level raised to an unexceptable level recently.

I’ll check those BIOS options later this week. If this doesn’t help I am seriously considering replacing the NUC case by an Akasa Fanless Case or a similar option.

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Opening the case and removing dust may help.


Already opened it but there was no significant amount of dust at all.


Added a script to shutdown the machine at midnight and to wake it up next day in the morning. At least I’ll be able to sleep again :wink:

Next step is to get some thermal paste and disassemble the NUC in order to get to the fan and cooling unit. I found out that the box is running with a temperature of 65-73 degrees (celsuis that is) and the fan is running and high level all the time. We’ll see…

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I will need help too… my new NUC 7i7BNH is very noisy, even in the BIOS I can hear it… so if someone can share the BIOS settings he did (at least)… and I din’t understand which Akasa finless case can be used with this NUC: the Plato X7D seems to be done for other 7i7! Thanks!

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This one is maybe overkill, for 500 USD? For the total amount, I buy a Nucleus… :wink: The Plato X7D will not fit?

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Check out the compatibility list, it states that you’ll have to lower the speed in BIOS if you use X7 (note: not X7D). There is one user here who says it works fine with his, but there are also other users who had overheat problems before.

Your price comparison should consider CPU, therefore it should be Nucleus+, not Nucleus.

Fanless should be a purchase requirement from the beginning, not an afterthought. Multiple people here including me have been advocating people to buy NUC7i7DNHE instead - it has almost half the TDP of NUC7i7BNH and makes all the difference.

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Thanks for your answer. I read different things about the noise, I hoped it was not so loud. I will wait the end of the first audio checking to be sure… For me, the finless step was on a second time, but I didn’t understood this NUC was not supported with Akasa case! :wink:

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After few days, when Roon finished to search all datas on hard disk, it’s ok… no need for fanless case now!


On the Intel forum someone claimed, that in BIOS mode the fan controls are not active and therefore the fan is always running at higher speed (even if it is not required).

Glad it worked out for you