NUC 8 i5 and DSD via HDMI

Hello again,
i have a few setups around the house and I am dealing with the following setup right now:

Roon Core on a NUC 8 i5 via ethernet to NAS Synolgy 214
Roon Core via HDMI out to Onkyo RZ740

NUC fails to play DSD 64/128/256 through Onkyo


  • Onkyo accepts DSD up to 256 as per specs (unclear whether DoP)
  • NUC recognizes Onkyo AV properly in settings
  • Settings correct at 192/24, DSD over DoP, exclusive mode, channel downmix, MQA core decoder on
  • Onkyo plays DSD via HDMI w/o a problem via Sony UXB 700
  • Switching inputs or cables does not change anything
  • All DSP off, volume leveling on
  • Signal path looks correct
  • No sound, absolute silence
  • The progress indicator at the bottom of the Roon page shows some movement, but stops for longer periods

Here is the signal path. What gives?

and another one, as clean as it gets

Roon cannot play DSD over HDMI currently. At least not for me with my NUC/Rock.

I’m in the same situation as you are, Denon receiver that can process DSD from the OPPO SACD player over HDMI but Roon will not do it. I use convert to PCM.

Wondering if the new 1.8 version will have a workaround for that. Hope for it but don’t expect it to.

The problem is not Roon, but the missing audio driver for HDMI.
And please: Try to search in the forum, because this question occures nearly every week…

Ok, got it. I will get into the search function and see what I come up with.