NUC 8i3BEH borked by latest bios revision 79

Not surprising really given the state of the intel support forums :joy:

Since when do BIOS updates equal security updates?

An update to a functional BIOS is far more likely to break something relevant to Roon – such as legacy boot – than it is to add anything of merit. But it sounds like you learned your lesson the hard way. Temper the update enthusiasm.


Ever heard of Spectre, Meltdown, branch prediction vulnerabilities in general? Almost every NUC BIOS update mentions microcode and/or security updates. Including 79 until it was pulled. Not sure what Legacy Boot has to do with anything, I use UEFI and Secure Boot.

When a new BIOS revision is released I’ll likely install that too. Certainly being patronised by you isn’t going to put me off.

Not wishing to encourage anyone, but I did suceed in updating to version 079. Initial failures via Windows were resolved by using a properly formatted USB stick, loading Bios defaults and ensuring secure boot and UEFI were disabled. Sounds like I was perhaps lucky and now fortunate to still have a functioning NUC.

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Same here. I updated a nuc8i7 to 079 with a usb stick without any trauma. I believe the majority of folks having issues used the windows based update program.

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I tried both neither worked unfortunately

I do not agree with some opinions. Bios as the “heart” of many systems (not only computer) should be the most stable element of the system.

Yes and it is one of the most critical from a security perspective as well. If something can compromise your BIOS then there is little or nothing that can be done about it. Certainly nothing at the OS level will help, even restarts and OS reinstallations wont make any difference.

There are also driver interactions to consider as well. If you update drivers on a machine over time but never the BIOS then eventually you will encounter stability issues. I have seen this several times, admittedly more specifically on laptops where there are more devices installed and more drivers that require BIOS interactions, but it is still a thing on all PCs.