NUC as Endpoint Connected To Topping D10 DAC

I’m running a NUC as Endpoint Connected To Topping D10 DAC. I have a optical and coaxial input available. Right now I have the NUC hooked up via a USB cable but it is my understanding this is the worst option as it will have alot of noise. What options do I have for some type of USB to optical/Coax conversion cable?

David, I am a bit confused. The D10 has only one input (USB), and three outputs (TOSLINK, S/PDIF, and RCA stereo analog). What are you trying to achieve?

I use my D10 to connect my one of my Roon PC endpoints directly to my KEF LSX, using the USB-to-TOSLINK conversion of the D10 to the LSX TOSLINK input.

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Are you saying you want to try a different output from the nuc to the D10?

So that’s why you are asking about a spdif to USB cable?

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Your best option is a USB isolator between the NUCand DAC. There are one or two that don’t need independent power and they may be the best option but you may need to prepare to spend as much on this as on the DAC originally. In view of the D10’s market positioning it may not be worth doing this. It is a decision you need to take. Stick with this, add isolation or get something higher up the food chain. I have a D70 with AK chip and it is a lovely thing IMO.

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As mentioned, the toslink/coax connections are for output. Shouldn’t be any problem using usb input. As also mentioned, you can use the d10 as a usb → s/pdif converter, bypassing the d10 dac altogether if your amp/preamp/speakers have that input option and a better dac.

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The only connection available between the NUC and the DAC is USB. Is this my only option for connecting? I have no issues with using USB, I was just concerned there could be an issue with noise and not being able to decode full res files.

@David_Burkholder, there are many posts as well as opinions on how clean USB interfaces are for high-resolution files. I find the D10 a very good solution, and it supports up to 384 kHz sampling rates. In my desktop system, I don’t hear any issues with noise.

But to answer your first question, yes the only input on the D10 is USB to connect to the NUC.

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USB is your obvious method of connection. Don’t assume a problem until you have one. USB will be fine.