NUC confusion where to install RAM which bay?

Audio Geezer again. Been trying to follow the only decent vid tutorial that I can find Darkoaudio.Before Xmas 3 X blinking lite NUC not working lots of peeps trying to help in Commun Had a 4GB Crucial installed along with the right SSD, reinstalled RAM Right I thought maybe orig 4Gig which was in lower bay was bad, so hard time removing, these things are fragile, so put 8g back in upper, holder kinda broke but lite on properly Ck’ed tutorial again and Darko is putting RAM in lower bay, and haven’t gotten beyond that don’t want to break 400.00 Which bay does RAM go in?

Install in the slot furthest from the case side first. Very little pressure is needed: align correctly, insert the module at an angle in to the lower memory slot, and then press down until you hear a click.

I watched an online video of the process, best way for me to see how it works. I used both slots 8gb sticks from a matched kit.

Here is a good series for setting up ROCK if you have not seen it (this is part 1 of 3):

And for installing the memory:

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