NUC Core WiFi On or Off?

Here’s something I have never really understood. If you enable wireless on your NUC core, but use wired Ethernet for RAAT transmission, does your control (iPad, for example) communicate with the core via the core’s internal wireless M.2 card or your Ethernet/Wireless router? And can there be interference between the two? With my upstairs bedroom setup, the iPad control sometimes has a very noticeable delay (core and wireless router are downstairs). Can I solve that by 1) increasing my wireless reception to the downstairs router with a good wireless access point, or 2) installing external antennae on my NUC core for better reception for the internal wireless M.2 card? I do not use any wireless for RAAT transmission.

It communicates via the router, there is no point to enable WiFi on the Nuc if you are connected via ethernet. And for that matter running a core over WiFi is specifically not recommended

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That’s kinda what I thought. So my solution for better upstairs iPad control of Roon should be in trying to increase the upstairs’ wireless signal/transmission/communication with my downstairs router. Correct?

Yep…that should be the plan if you have a Mac upstairs on Ethernet maybe share the Ethernet via WiFi and connect to that ssid

I think a lot of people have this same misconception. Seems like people think of WIFI as similar to bluetooth where devices are connected to each other wirelessly.

For best performance, everything should be connected to your router using ethernet. If that is not possible or desirable, the Roon core device and Roon end-points should be ethernet while control device is WIFI.

Finallly, the Roon core should be ethernet and the Roon end-point and control device WIFI.

While some have success, the Roon core should not be WIFI. This may work in some cases, but it is usually problematic at best.

So, for any wireless WIFI devices in the system, it is important they have a good WIFI connection TO YOUR ROUTER. Everything goes through the router either ethernet or WIFI.


I have all my endpoints connected by Ethernet (wired) as well (whole house has a wired network; both upstairs and downstairs). My question was solely regarding iPad control and if it utilizes the internal wireless card of your core (in my case a NUC Rock) as opposed to the network’s wireless router (which also connects with the whole-house hardwired network as well) - and I think you and wizardofoz have answered that. Thanks!

I would also note that Apple wireless as in APE’s are not the greatest and have been flagged as possible causes for issues with roon connectivity

I’ve noticed that if I don’t enable wifi on my core (a Catalina MacMini) The House’s airplay devices aren’t available as Zones in Remote
Consequently, I have both ethernet and WiFi enabled on the Core Server

Probably your WiFi is on a different subnet address range then


Thx - Pretty certain not but worth checking

you were right!
Typo in my IP settings… doh!

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