NUC direct to DAC for multichannel

I’m thinking of getting a fanless NUC10i7FNH running W10 to run Roon Server so I can have the NUC direct to the 8 ch DAC via USB for multichannel audio use. Basically I want to use Audiolense via the Roon Convolver.

Is there any downside to having this setup? I’d love to use my RPi4 with RoPieee but it doesn’t work for multichannel use.

Better to separate out the Roon core (NUC) and endpoint.

The option suggested is the simplest and least complex way to do what you want. You could also isolate the endpoint, run ROCK as your core and Windows on a low powered NUC endpoint but I’m not certain gains would be anything to celebrate. It would be subtle at best.

As mentioned, it doesn’t work.

So you’re basically saying it would require 2 computers to accomplish that, right?

It will work the way you suggested and is probably the way I would do it. But you can also do it on an endpoint PC if your core was elsewhere.

I have my NUC connected directly to my Denon AVR via HDMI and this gives me great surround sound when I don’t want to play a physical disc.