NUC downgraded itself to 1.8. Now will not upgrade to 2.0

Roon Core Machine

Serial #94C691A8630F
Version 1.0 (build 227) stable
Roon Server Software Version 1.8 (build 1126) production1x
98% of 55 GB available.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

TP-Link AC3200 Archer router
Devolo magic 2 wireline adaptors
Synology NAS

Connected Audio Devices

RME DAC connected to an iMac
Naim Mu-So 2nd gen
Mola Mola Makua DAC/Preamp

Number of Tracks in Library

7,400 tracks

Description of Issue

This is the chain of events as I remember things…

Roon offers to upgrade itself. It often does this. When I start roon from my iMac it offered to upgrade to 2,0. I say yes. It upgrades the NUC core and my iMac, phone and iPad.

It all works.

I try to install ARC on my phone. But hit a problem. My network is a bit complicated, so the auto port settings do not work. I have a router feeding a router so figure that might be the problem.

Am in no big rush to sort this out. So wait until I have a little time to focus. Then it appears to me that Roon downgrades itself to 1,8. I did not ask for this. The iMac software stays at 2,0 so ceases to be able to talk to the core. Upgrade button ceases to work. So I am stuck suddenly without roon.

After a bit of reading of help desks, I delete the roon remote off the iMac and reinstall 1,8 from roon. This gets roon working again and I can go back to listening to music via all my devices.

See screenshot of where I have ended up.

But I have Roon 1.8 and I want to try Roon 2. There is now no option to upgrade. I think I have cleaned up my network and want to try again with ARC.

How do I get roon to update? It says I have the most recent version.

If you follow this guide for you NUC Rock Core, you’ll be able to go back up to 2.0. Be sure you’ve always got your backup saved.

Create a folder called “branches”, put one text file in there called “roon”, the contents of this text file is “production” (download file)… reboot the NUC from the web admin screen. It should now update.

This did work. Thanks.

Once I had the rock at 2.0, I had to manually upgrade the iMac and iPad to the same. Deleting the old Roon remote app and downloading a fresh one.

It works though. Phew.


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Might be worth tagging some dev’s here. As this keeps happening to people’s installs.


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