NUC..Enable WIFI? [resolved..NUC too old]

Hello all

Installed the software for ROON Rock on the NUC…the install stop were to get the IP adress on th NUC…course there is no ethernet cable input…just wifi! the install stop there…and i have a problem

Is there a solution for that to enable the wifi?
Or should i get another NUC for the job?


You perhaps need to complete the NUC install on lan before enabling wifi option


On to t, but the install stop where i should get the IP adress on the NUC
Splashcreen say…Seaching for networks adress…and it stops there, course i dont have the option to enable the wifi

Altso have loocked in BIOS if there was an option to enable wifi there with codes/passwords…nope
Just bought and older NUC i was hoping that i could use…


What NUC doesn’t have an Ethernet connection?

If the NUC is an older model it’s perhaps not even supported

Maybe you can provide more details on the NUC model you have and maybe post a pic even

From 2012…updated the BIOS this morning from 2/2-2017

Have been W10 Pro without probs
120GB SSD 840EVO

I doubt rock is supported on that platform.

Roon Labs only support Intel NUCs from the 5th generation on. No guarantees for anything else, I’m afraid. And without an ethernet port to get started on configuring ROCK via the web page, you’re probably out of luck…

Nahh… my own fault…getting anotherone

It doesn’t even have wifi…time to move on.

Well, I run ROCK on a DC3217IYE and it runs just fine. It is a i3-3217U Processor (3M Cache, 1.80 GHz), the Ivy Bridge family. It has 8GB of RAM and a mSATA SSD, which is a 240GB Crucial drive.

Now, I don’t run any DSP, it just indexes the Library and serves it to a couple of Endpoints.
The NUC sits on my ‘backend’ network on the same switch as the NAS units, and it rescans my 75k tracks in a few seconds.
So no need to replace it, just plug in the Ethernet and let ROCK install.

Ok, just checked the specs

and the BY version doesn’t have integrated LAN, so you need a Ethernet USB device, which may limit throughput, as it will be limited to USB 2.0 - worth a little more experimention though.

I just see that as a challenge!

Actually the more interesting question is, how do you know if the NUC hardware is suitable or powerful to run ROCK & Roon Core effectively.
Is there any sort of Roon test, workload loading to verify the operation of the Roon Core?

Just to see if I could I installed Rock sucessfully on an Atom based NUC. Runs fine with a library of about 30000 tracks but DSP is too much for it.