NuC endpoint and DragonFly Cobalt volume issues

Thanks John. I hope they can resolve it with a firmware update.

I’m experiencing this problem too using the Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt on RasPi 4 running Roon Bridge. I can recreate it by moving the Dragonfly to a different USB port and then adjusting the playback volume from Roon Remote. I also notice that when setting the volume level to 0 I can still hear music playing at a low level. Will watch this thread for updates.

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I played around a bit with device settings and am having success using DSP volume instead of device volume for Dragonfly Cobalt on raspi 4. I haven’t been able to reproduce the jump to max volume problem with this setting. That’s a good thing. I also set the max volume to a safer dB of around -40 instead of 0 which is the default.

Not really I have red and black and both work fine with device volume, the issue is the Cobalt. You should not have to resort to DSP volume as your loosing quality.

I agree that there are issues with Cobalt and volume adjustments so AQuest needs to sort that out.

On using Roon DSP volume setting I chose to go that way because Cobalt, like Red, both implement DSP volume control in the device. I’m not sure that having Roon deal with the DSP volume control instead of AQ is degrading the audio and I trust Roon over AQ to prevent those dangerous spikes. I’m not hearing a difference, the Cobalt’s LED lights up with the correct indicators, and so far I haven’t had a volume spike.

These are just my thoughts and what is working for me based on my set up. I’m interested if others solve this differently and if this approach is stable for others. I’m wondering if Roon should consider defaulting the volume control to DSP with the AQ devices until AQ fixes this.

I’ll give it a go but I have in the past not been convinced when using DSP volume.

Hi @john,

Is there any update from AudioQuest on the the Cobalt volume issues?

Hello @MichaelE,

We brought this issue to AudioQuest’s attention, it affects playback on all Linux based USB hosts. I suggest following up with them for the latest information.


No updated firmware as yet. Mines been left unused anyway since getting my RME dac.

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