NUC fan running at high speed - Roon not doing anything

I’m running ROCK on a NUC 8i7beh. Overall, I’m extremely happy with it. But this afternoon, I could clearly hear the NUC fan running at highest speed. Strange, because Roon was doing absolutely nothing. No music streaming, no scanning or indexing. This lasted for maybe 5 minutes, perhaps less, and then quieted down again. So then I took a look at the logs. It seemed that the fan was screaming away right when the RoonServer_log.txt file rolled over. So a couple questions:

What triggers a log file to roll over? In looking at the file dates on the 20 log files, it clear that sometimes it rolls over a couple times in the same day. Other times it may go 5 days without rolling over.

And of course, what is it about a log rollover that would cause the NUC to kick the fan into high-gear for several minutes? I’m guessing some kind of Roon cleanup process but that’s just a guess.

Anyone with any insight on this?

Was roon chance performing a backup?

Nope. Good thought but no, no backup being performed either.

I “believe” a new log file is created whenever the Roon client is launched, but I can’t quite figure out when the RoonServer log files are rolled over (or why it seems to be so cpu intensive when it does such that it causes the fan to spin up at high speed).

Maybe this will help.

Thanks! I’ll look into that.

At this point, I mostly want to understand when and why RoonServer rolls over the log file. It seems that whenever it does, it must be fairly CPU intensive since it kicks fan speed way up for a few minutes. But I’ve never noticed it staying at high speed for more than maybe 5 minutes.

RoonServer appears to roll at a fixed size. RAAT, I cannot determine what triggers a roll from a quick look. As far as fan spinning… usually logging systems will compress logs when they roll and this is CPU intensive. However, it appears Roon does not do this so the only reason I can think of is high I/O at the time of the roll… basically its moving or copying + moving every log file to shift the names. This can be I/O intensive depending on how many files you have, what kind of drive you have, what your storage array is configured as, what file system in in use, etc.

Honestly, unless something crashed (did you read the logs) I wouldn’t worry about it. Its all standard log maintenance stuff.

The logs are all stored on my M.2 ROCK OS drive so closing and opening a new log file plus renaming the 20 log files should be trivial I would think. What I “think” I see at the top and bottom of many of the log files is Roon accessing Qobuz and/or its metadata services which certainly could be cpu intensive depending on how much data it downloads. It also seems to roll the log files if I restart Roon which makes sense. My current 21 log files vary in size from about 2500KB to 8250KB with many at the upper end. My guess is 8250KB is about the max size before it rolls which might explain why it can roll a new log file several times a day on days when I’m streaming a lot.

No worries - I’m mostly curious as to how it all works.

Yes it is still silent, I have only heard the fane once since the bios tweaking.

Br Morten