NUC fan speed settings in BIOS

I changed fanspeed in BIOS. Should I reset to defautf before instaling ROCK?

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that any ROCK required BIOS changes will be clearly specified at release, so if you have any doubt at all, reset to default.

I have my fanspeed on silent, and I don’t believe that ROCK needs more juice of the NUC than Win 10 does.

By definition, it should be a lighter footprint than Win 10.

It should but be careful as fan control under Linux can be hit or miss. I’ve yet to have a problem, but a pegged CPU is a pegged CPU regardless of OS.

@danny, have you included support for fan control or are you leaving it up to the BIOS profile?

Right now it’s up to the BIOS, but this may change if we find it is needed.

Does anyone have any fan speed setting recommendations? How low can I safely set the fan with an i5?

I know this doesn’t answer your question at all, but I’ll just put this out there in case someone else comes looking here…

I personally would run it max speed so you dont have component damage risk, and put the NUC somewhere where you can’t hear the noise. This is the beauty of having networked components.

My suggestion won’t work with USB audio devices, but a “network bridge” can fix that.

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