NUC i7, 8GB - will this be enough computing power?

Thanks @grossmsj! I don’t see any spinning circle in the upper right hand corner, although there is a pulsing circle down near the bottom associated with some track listings.

Regarding the fan, I’m not too worried. That unit is so cool to the touch with no evidence of significant heat generation, the fan seems to be an aberration!

Usually the pulsing circles are little reminders to ‘try this button’. Sort of like a help button if I recall. But it has been a while, and the memory ain’t what it once was!

Go Settings -> Library then under the ‘Background Audio Speed Analysis’ setting may be a ‘Processing 24/346’ type message.

If nothing then it is done, and there is another reason your NUC fan is running.
If still processing, your Roon Core is busy doing that, hence the CPU heat and the need for active cooling.


Hi @Peter_Schwartzman, what OS are you running in the end?