NUC importing Music to an internal additional SSD

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NUC with OS on M2-SSD and additional 2 TB SSD

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Description Of Issue

Importing music troubles for additional SSD.
Copied all music to the SSD before reading and had to format again because Roon did not accept the dive or format. Okay this was my fault, should have read upfront.
Now after formating drive is not shown when I try to add a location for music.
Got it shown when I manually add \ROCK\Data, which is okay, because its only a one time job,
but copying now from remote takes hours, which I don’t like.
Dismounted the drive and connected it again to my Pc to copy localy, but drive isn’t recognized there now.
AOMEI is recognizing the drive with a GPT Format.
Is there a way that I can proceed at my Win PC to copy the music to this disk without risking a later reformat at the NUC?

Filling up the whole 2 TB should take around 5 hours on wired 1 Gbps network, given that source (read) and target (write) are able to sustain that speed during the full time. I would just let it run over night.

Thanks for your reply. Maybe I am expecting too much, because I wanted to use this drive also as a Linux boot drive for me to get known with Linux. Totaly nothing to do with Roon, just a bit of buildung up knowledge with Linux;) Thought I could format the drive in exfat format and add an additional partition to install linux/ubuntu and using the rest for my music, if this is possible at all.
Therefore it’s necessary to know what kind of format Roon is execting.
So this is the total story;))

This belongs (if at all) in the #tinkering section of this forum.

ROCK is a closed OS (Roon Server Appliance). Changes, even at the boot loader, might be overwritten on any ROCK update.
You might want to use a standard (Linux-)OS and then setup and run Roon Server and any other software you might wish on top of it.

Jack, maybe I wasn’t clear enough, I am using a NUC with an M2 SSD keeping the Rock system.
The additional SSD was the one I would like to use also for an Linux and music storage.
By creating two partions on that disk at exfat Roon does ask me again to format the disk,
so it seams as my plan doesn’t work out,((

Even if it had worked, you can’t boot the Linux on the second SSD without an entry for it in the boot loader which is actually located on the M2 SSD controlled by ROCK.

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough, you have to use ROCK as it is (a dedicated Roon Server Appliance).
If you want/need something different, you have to set it up yourself.

I was in the beliefe I could change the boot drive via the bios during start up and there is no change required to the rock boot entry because it’s not a multi boot selection.

You can go this way (theoretically; I don’t know what ROCK might or might not do to a disk that it sees and contains a complete OS {including boot partition and boot loader}) – which isn’t very practical IMHO – but as you’ve already seen, you have to either add another SSD dedicated to the second Linux installation or, if this is not possible, sacrifice the internal music storage instead.

I gave it a try but as it didn’t work like I thought it would, I stopped and now just copying my music to it.
Even it will become a day time job, becaus it works on power over lan, I will leave it for now.
I am more than happy with Roon and will have a good backup of all my files, which were placed on an external usb before. Thx again for supporting.

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ROCK will see a 2TB drive and expect to have access to all of it for its purpose. It wasn’t written with multi purpose use in mind in any aspect of its operation. It’s job is to turn your server and its drives into a single use appliance and it does just that. To be honest, from a support perspective that is probably a sensible move.

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If you really want to try Linux then go for it. ROCK is really just a convenince thing, imho. Linux, Windows and OS X, all run RoonServer just fine. Some have actual side benefits over ROCK.

So, I say, go for it and load Linux. If you are having issues you can always make a backup, blow it away and then install ROCK. And if you have used an external drive for the music, you won’t have to reformat in this case.

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