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Since updating to 882 my core machine has been VERY noisy (high pitch whining). Spinning at high speed and audible 30 ft away above quiet music. I was never aware of it before - dead quiet. This can’t be healthy for the hardware. Is there something I can do?

When did you update to 882?
Is there any chance it is still analysing your library?
If so and it’s making that noise it is maybe a sign of a spinning disc ready to fail if it has an internal HDD?

Could be a fan going bad in the NUC. Mine is not aging well.

Nucs are notorious for clogged fans with dust…plenty of YouTube videos how to take apart and clean them out with canned air - just google for them

How long as it been on and making more noise than usual?

Even if the fan is on full blast, those fans are pretty quiet unless they are filled with dust. I’d clean that thing up before doing/checking anything else.

If that doesn’t fix it, let’s talk further :slight_smile:

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