NUC>ISORegen>McIntosh Issue

Not sure if this is the right forum, but here goes.
I’m running ROCK on an i7 NUC into an Uptone ISORegen into a McIntosh C2600.
The NUC runs 24/7, the ISORegen is powered on 24/7, the C2600 is only on when listening. Maybe 50% of the time the C2600 does not show up as a Roon endpoint when switching it on, requiring me to power cycle the ISO for Roon to see it.

I’ve contacted Uptone, thinking the problem lies with the ISO but was told it a known problem that Roon endpoints don’t always appear as available devices.

Anyone else having this issue?

If you remove the isoregen, does all work?

I’ve been traveling but will test for a few days without the ISO and report back.

Still dealing with this issue. Can confirm ROON sees the 2600 every time w/o ISO in the loop. Can also confirm same behavior with an alternate test DAC. Uptone suggested it might be the AudioQuest cable so I replaced it for a Supra cable but no improvement. When ROON cannot see the 2600, unplugging the cable between the ISO and 2600 does not help. Only power cycling the ISO or unplugging the cable between the NUC and ISO fix the issue. Starting to think it’s a problem with the ISO or galvanic isolators in general. Wondering if anyone else has similar issues with ROON/ROCK/NUC connected through a galvanic isolator.