NUC kit for ROCK check

Thanks! Will do

Unless you’re planning to remove the NUC contents and stick them into a fanless case, all you need to do is remove bottom plate, install RAM, install NVMe and put it all back together :+1:

google is your friend…I think the cases come with instructions too

If you feel comfortable doing this: it’s a best practice to clean (remove) the factory thermal pad, and replace it with a pea-sized glob of thermal compound in order to achieve a paper-thin layer of compound spread over the CPU. [Edit: I’m not sure this is relevant to Akasa fanless case though.]

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You don’t need to use heat compound on a NUC. Heat compound is only for CPU installation and no matter what NUC you get, pre-assembled or not, the CPU is already installed. Do you Self a favor and don’t try to improve on that.

The hardest part about building a NUC is dealing with the sub-microscopic screw that holds in the M.2

Installing ROCK is cake.


You do if you move it to a Fanless chassis

True, but taken in the context of the OP’s remark it didn’t seem like he meant that.

I guess he just conflated the two options open to him; NUC or fanless case.


Sorry for any confusion. For clarity, the thermal paste comment related to the fanless build.

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One last question before ordering - I assumed I would be better off with the newest 8th Gen NUC, but given a few support threads, is that correct or should I still be buying a 7th Gen?

8th Gen works fine. Don’t go backwards.
A couple of people apparently could not figure out how to get Legacy boot. But virtually everyone else had no problems.

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Just purchased the components to build my own Roon Rock

Found a seller on ebay (uk) who has a few new Intel Core i3-8109U Nucs listed for £199 but is excepting offers and got mine for £187 + £9 shipping (next day only shipping option) the seller has a few more in stock it was best deal I’ve come across in about a month or so of looking. I was initially looking for the BEH larger case but thought the price to good to pass up.

Not sure yet if I will transplant into a fan less case or not going to see how things go for a while first as can easily locate in the porch but would be nice to not be running a fan 24/7 if that is avoidable.

Amazon for the rest

Samsung SSD 970 Evo Plus 250GB, M.2 PCIe £65 (amazon) planning on trying the dsp functionality so thought the extra speed and expense of the Evo plus might be an advantage.

Crucial 8gb DDR4 2x4 £35 (amazon)

Total £296


I Already have external SSD for my library storage

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This was the basis for the fanless and heatsink compound…anyway I just used the Akasa thermal pad when I transferred mine. Might replace it sometime tho.

Great to know, I’d much rather be current gen.

In terms of just using the thermal pad, was yours an 8ix into a Plato X8?

I ask because I was reading the Akasa X7 series requires pads, but on the X8 this was too thick to fit correctly and causing problems, so people seem to be using only paste.

No mine is a 7i7BNH into a Plato X7 yes it got withdrawn for support of the i7 model after I had made the decision to get it I think buts it’s worked fine for more than a year in this setup.

Ordered today- looking forward to getting going! Will update when I start the build.


Including X8?

BTW My ROCK server is also in my study/office along with NAS drives etc., and I never hear the fan on the NUC. Mine being a NUC5i3 only has a TDP of 15W and is in the ‘tall’ case. An i3 will certainly generate a lot less heat than an i7, which also uses the same case, fan etc,
So I would suggest trying it, and see if the fan actually runs once built as a ROCK server.
You could also set the BIOS for quiet operation, which minimises fan usage.

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Yes :sunglasses:

Thanks, I already ordered the fanless case though.

The wattage on the new 8i3 is now basically the same as the i5/i7 at 28 watts and I read wildly varying reports with some saying the fan was on like a jet engine when just web browsing/word processing and others that they could hardly hear it. I’m quite sensitive to noise and have a creative job which requires no irritating distractions so I think it’ll be a good move for peace of mind (no pun intended!).

I plan to quickly install memory and M.2 drive into the NUC while it’s in its original case first and do the ROCK install and so on to make sure everything’s working in it’s basic form, as that way it can be returned if it’s faulty out of the box. Pretty sure pulling off thermal pads, etc., will void the warranty.

If I really find I can’t hear it running at that stage I might consider returning the fanless case unused, I guess, but the case didn’t add that much to the overall price, so I might as well have a full silent build I think…