NUC memory advice

hi. Regarding NUC11TNHi5.
Could someone please explain my ram,
and storage options clearly.

I don’t know the difference between an i.o and an i.o.u… ha!

I want it to run fluid, without judder.

Also, external ssd advice, or should I use internal?


Welcome back, @lori_a!

First, please answer a few questions.

  1. Do you plan installing ROCK?
  2. How many tracks / albums in your library?
  3. Do you use DSP? If so, what?
  4. How many zones do you use simultaneously?

My preference is always to use an external drive because it’s easier to transfer music, and it may be used for your Roon backups. Incidently, this doesn’t need to be an SSD: HDD are perfectly fine for your library files.

Will install Rock. a medium library. Will start to use more. But want expandability.

Boot drive can be as small as 128gb but hard to find M.2 nvme drives that small…it’s only used for roon os and roon database anything bigger is wasted space.

16gb ram should keep you out of trouble for anything under 500k tracks probably

Whilst 4 GB memory is probably sufficient, go for 8 GB. As for the M.2 SDD for ROCK-only, 128 GB is fine, but a 256 GB will most likely cost less.

Use the links on this page to select the correct models.

For the USB SSD / HDD, this is what I use.

The equivalent SSD is about twice the cost, and isn’t necessary, unless the spinning disk is audible in your listening area.