NUC migration from NAS to onboard memory

(Colin Usher) #1

I have put a 1tb SSD in the NUC and Roon has seen and formatted it but it does not come up in folders for me to add any Music. It still only watches the NAS. Any ideas please? Do I need to reset the database or reinstall the operating system? I tried restarting the server software but no change.

(Daniel Avasilichioaei) #2

Assuming that you are speaking about Roon ROCK on NUC, you need two HDD/SSD: one (smaller) for Roon Rock OS (this one will be fully occupied by Roon ROCK OS), and one (larger) for your music library.

(Scott G) #3

Can you share a screenshot of Settings>Storage?

It should show up as Roon Optimized Core Kit Internal Storage (in Roon).

Are you referring to this, or are you looking for it in File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac)?

(Colin Usher) #4

Yes, the Core is running on a Sata 120GB, I propose to put some of the music on the 1Tb SSD. The Core was installed last year and has been taking the Music from a NAS.

(Colin Usher) #5

The NUC was put together specifically to run the Roon ROCK so its built to the recommended spec (of 2018) on a NUC7i7BNH running on its version of Linux,

(Colin Usher) #6

Storage - Settings does not show the 1Tb SSD

(Scott G) #7

Its there. The first folder listed “Roon Optimized Core Kit Internal Storage” is your new 1TB SSD. Your view from the ROCK GUI shows it to be totally unused, and the folder view of this drive in Roon shows it’s waiting to have music added.
You’re running Windows. If everything got set up smoothly, you should be able to view this drive as follows.
In File Explorer go to Network>ROCK and you’ll see several folders. The location for internal storage is: \\ROCK\Data\Storage\Internal Storage
One thing to pay attention to, it may take a while to move all your music over. You should not have Roon watching this folder while you are adding all your music. It can cause problems. Go to the ROCK GUI and Stop Roon Server Software while the transfer is taking place. More details here:

(Colin Usher) #8

OK, understood. Thanks. I’d never looked for the ROCK via Network before, life is much simpler now!