NUC problem when booting up

Just bought intel NUC7i7bnh.

installed memory and ssd drive.

turned it on. it gets to the part where I hit f7 to update bios and then it just says “error loading operating system”

please help!

Sorry folks as i do sum reading my 1st post seems like a dumb question

You really shouldn’t need to update the BIOS on that NUC. Just go straight to install.

yes thx…stumbling my way to completion now.

Remote core on NUC now looking for update.

seems to be taking awhile…fingers crossed i guess

after setting up NUC and installing ROCK and codecs and starting up roon I connected to the NUC.

it tells me an update is needed but just has been doing this for the last few minutes. any thoughts?

If it’s still doing it now, reboot it.