NUC ROCK and Thunderbolt PCIe expansion box - does anyone have a combination working?

Hi Danny / All

Would a NUC7I7BNH work with a Thunderbolt 3 expansion box + PCIe USB3.0 over fiber card ?

The NUC does support Thunderbolt 3 but I don’t know if ROCK / Roon OS will?

Or is this too deep in the weeds of unknowns?

If you don’t know, what are the right questions to ask to the correct parties to try and find out? I assume Roon OS is the unknown for compatibility?

Cheers, Sean.

Hmmm just seen this. How does a Thunderbolt 3 PCIe expansion box (and drivers for it) fit in with the below?

Works like displays work, or won’t work like storage won’t work?

No clue at all… I have no idea how a pci-e extender would work – never used one.

See if anyone has it working on Linux on a NUC first… then let me know how they did it and I’ll tell you or make it work as well.

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On Linux, it works in the wild. On a NUC running Windows, it works in the wild.

On a NUC running Linux, it seems a hard to find this combo in the wild.

Hopefully someone else has some experience and can chime in.

Does it require drivers or does it just sits up as pci-e?

We’re now deeper in the weeds of unknowns (I can’t find this answer from Googling) but I appreciate drivers is the critical thing so I will email AKiTiO to ask.

Anything else I should ask them while I’m at it?

@danny from their Tech Support:

"We do not support Linux but we have received reports from other users who have successfully used our Thunderbolt 3 devices on an Intel NUC running Linux. If it doesn’t work, I suggest to first install Windows in order to update the BIOS and the Thunderbolt firmware (NVM) of your Intel NUC. Once that is done, you can go back to Linux and try it again. If you find that hot plug doesn’t work as expected, I suggest to connect and turn on the device prior to booting into Linux.

If that still doesn’t work, update the kernel to the latest version and also check your BIOS settings. Try setting the Thunderbolt security level to legacy and disable Thunderbolt Boot support. See if that makes any difference."

Sigh. A little too much outlay for me to only find out it doesn’t work.

As a last effort, I guess I can ask Adnacom if they’ve seen/used this config (NUC + Linux + Thunderbolt PCIe expansion box) working out in the wild.

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How do you plan to power the USB thing?

5Vdc external power - that’s the easiest thing to solve in this complicated / bag of unknowns configuration.

The actual PCIe card itself is driverless for Linux/Mac/Windows and supported for all those OS’s. So I’m not concerned with the PCIe card itself.

It’s just the external Thunderbolt expansion box that’s a question mark. And I’ve looked at other brands/models - can’t find one where Linux is officially supported.

If any retailer here in Australia had a good returns policy where I could try risk free, like you have in the US, I’d give it a shot.

Hint hint wink wink, to any US based people reading this LOL.