NUC ROCK Auto Restart after Power Outage

Profile has my specs. How might I set up my ROCK to automatically restart itself after a power outage? Thankx.

I think it’s probably a BIOS option you need to turn on.

You need to access the NUC bios and in there under power settings there is one for what action to take after a power cut, I think it is set to do nothing by default you can change it to power up then save the settings.
I would be cautious about setting it to reboot as power rarely comes back clean after a power cut and may be on off a few times none of which will do the server or especially any USB attached disks any good.


Since I live in the SF Bay Area where Pacific Gas & Electric can no longer reliably deliver electricity (yes, in the heart of Silicon Valley we have to deal with this) I have my Rock plugged into a UPS.

No matter what your power reliability … a nas or server should ideally be on a ups