NUC ROCK via USB to integrated amp

I just installed my i7 NUC with ROCK and it works great.

Could I use an audio USB cable and cable between my NUC and my Mark Levinson 585 integrated amp ? The 585 has a built in DAC.

Currently I route the audio from a Bluesound Node 2 to the 585 via digital coax.


You can directly connect by USB, but there can be advantages to separating the Core from the Output. Try it out and see which you prefer.

Thanks Andrew,

I bought an Audioquest Type A to B USB cable and no audio from the NUC to my integrated amp.

Do I need to chenge the NUC BIOS for audio output? Does the NUC only output audio via the HDMI or Displayport ports ?


Does it need to be enabled in the Roon settings, audio tab? I don’t connect anything to the NUC other than usb hard drives.

You should see it in the audio tab. You should then enable and name it.

I have decided to keep my NUC as core and use my Bluesound Node 2 via coax to my integrated amp.

I tried the DSP processing feature and am very happy with the improvement.

Thanks all.