NUC stopped playing last night - had to reboot

I experienced this with Roon Rock running on a NUC last night. All of a sudden everything stopped playing. Had to restart Rock. Never happened prior to the 1.8 upgrade.

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Hi @Rick_Payne ,

Have you encountered any further issues or is the system stable now?
If you have had further issues, please share more details regarding your setup:

This is still happening. Not sure why I would expect it to clear up since the software hasn’t updated.

Hi @Rick_Payne ,

I asked if the update helped as there have been two since the your first post that may have helped. Can you please note the exact local time + date the issue next occurs and then use these instructions to send me a log set from your ROCK for review?

Wouldn’t that require me to manually update ROCK? I’ve not done that cause I’ve not read on here that an update was available.

Hello @Rick_Payne ,

If you navigate to Roon Settings → About it should tell you if you have the recent updates installed, if you are running an older version of Roon, please update as the first step. If you still have issues after the update can you please:

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