Nuc usb drive as NAS

I use a nuc as roon rock. I also attached an external high speed USB drive in the nuc as watched folder

previously I can read and write files to this watched folder from my laptop using smb://ip_of_my_nuc. Now I can no longer do that:

It says access denied when I try to access the watched folder under “Storage”.

When I connect to my nuc’s ip using smb:// I was asked to connect as Guest or as registered user. I was only able to connect as guest. I don’t recall setting up a registered user, is there a way to reset the registered user credentials?


Can you not see it as \\patriot?

No I can connect to my nuc as guest using smb:// then it shows the PATRIOT_Patriot_Memory_07018B… under Storage as shown in the picture above. I was able to directly access the patriot. But now there is a red icon on the folder showing that access is denied.