NUC vs Sonic Transporter

What are the benefits of running a Sonic transporter over a NUC ?

I run a NUC 7i5 connected HDs,endpoint SMS 200,Cambridge 851N

ST are specced and built for audio and are not just limited to Roon and come already to go with no hassle… The ST i7 AP can also rip music from in built dvd drive. You’ll likely get better hardware support from SGC and the ST as they build it and support it. . ST’s also use full desktop processors not laptop ones you find in the NUC so they may have a little more grunt but likely draw more power. But overall ones DIY the other not one can run ROCK the other runs ROON Bridge.

I was in the market for a Roon server last year and was faced with this same choice. I went with a sonicTransporter i5, and I’ve been very happy with it. The device is very flexible and runs reliably without me fussing with it. Small Green Computer provides great customer service - fast to answer questions, active on the boards, periodic software updates.

I agree with @CrystalGipsy’s summary above. But I think you mean “SGC” rather than “SMG”? Interesting typo. Fellow Fortnite player?

Nope just being dim.