NUC with one ethernet socket is fine?

Hello everybody,

I have a NAS and an Allo Digione connected to my local network on a switch to stream my library to my Hegel Rost amp. I want to add an i5 NUC to install Roon Rock on it but it only has one ethernet socket. I ask if I connect the NUC to my Allo Digione in ethernet how to connect the NUC to my local network as well?

Thank you!!

This is correct. Both Nuc (ROCK) and the Allo DigiOne should be connected to the switch.

Router/ Modem

Ok thanks.

The best would be a fanless NUC or the Intel NUC fan is still quite quiet?

I understand that the NUC running ROCK is near silent. However, you don’t need to keep the NUC in your listening room.

all the gear is in the listening room I have no choice. but I don’t realize if the NUC fan blows a lot or not when using Rock. I hesitate between Zotac and Intel NUC i5.

Is the NAS in your listening room too? If not place the NUC with this. If it is I doubt the NUC will generate more than a NAS with spiining disk.

If you’re running ROCK stick to the recommedations here.

After about a year’s running the fan of my NUC8i5BEH started getting noisy from time to time, so I had to move it to another room.

I’d go for fanless if you have to keep it in the listening room.

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Dust on the fan. Take a vacuum cleaner to it.


Nope, no dust accumulation to speak of (first thing I checked). Whining always coincided with highish workloads like multi zone activity with separate queues.

NUCs don’t allow for much customization so I just moved the whole thing.