Nuc with Rock stops updating roon 1.8 Build 831

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Intel Nuc Rock 1.o Build 227

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My roon did update semi automatic (on iPad App) until Build 831, now no updates are shown anymore

IPad runs always latest OS 15.1

If you go and search the Roon app in the App Store app on your iPad, does it allow you to update Roon manually?

In the IPad Settings, go to App Store and make sure Automatic Download for App Updates is turned On.

My roon App is always up to date.
But the roon Server running on the Nuc with Rock not since build 831
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Can you post a screenshot of your Roon Settings > About screen?

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You can type in the ROCK IP address into a web browser to bring up the ROCK Web Admin Interface. Same as Nucleus here.

Then click Reinstall button next to Operating System. This will update your ROCK firmware.

Always a good idea to have a backup of your Roon library.

I did it, but it dors not help

Am I missing something here?
B831 is the latest Roon version I believe.
So yep, no further updates available right now.

If you go to menu: settings:about it will confirm what build version you have installed on your Core.

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I can see build 850 here

Build 850 is ONLY for Linux based machine’s, everything else build 831 is the most current up to date build. You are all good, no need to worry!

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