NUC with Windows 10, ROCK or MOCK installation

Since there’s no SQ difference between your available options, do whatever is personally easiest for you to install and maintain.

That would seem to be, for you, Roon or Roonserver. If you intend to control Roon from the WIN10 machine that you are installing it on, then realize that Roonserver has no GUI.

ROCK might be easier to maintain, but many people have some troubles installing it and once you install ROCK on a machine you can’t run any other programs, e.g. another media server or backup software.

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The sort of people who buy a NUC and install ROCK would probably buy a PC/NUC and install Windows or Linux on it to run Roon. I certainly did then played around with both (and actually settled on Windows) before ROCK was launched.

I will be presumptuous enough to suggest this is the point @SKBubba was making:

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It is pretty obvious that the problem is in part our enthusiasm for our own solutions to the Roon conundrum!


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