NUC10 Ethernet dongle issue

With a bit of effort, I was able to configure a NUC 10 i7 as a ROCK server. To make a network connection, I had to use a USB-to-ethernet dongle. Because I had good luck using a similar one with a laptop, I got a TP-Link branded one.

This dongle works fine IF I plug it into the USB port after the ROCK boots. However, if I reboot with the dongle in the USB port, there is no network connection until I unplug and re-plug the dongle. It is not a huge issue, but it means that I cannot reboot from the web interface.

If you who use a dongle with a NUC 10, are you seeing this behavior? If your NUC does find the ethernet upon reboot, (1) did you have to make a any BIOS changes beyond enabling legacy boot and turning off secure boot, and (2) which dongle are you using?