NUC10i7 powered by powerbank?

Anyone tried to power the NUC10i7 with a powr bank, the wall wart is 19V 6.32A which corresponds to 120W ??!

Would something like this work?!

or even this??

Would they be able to supply enough continous power?

Anyone with the techo knowledge who could pitch in…

The Omni20+ has a capacity of 71Wh, meaning in simple terms, you’ll get constant 71Watts for 1 hour or, say, 35.5Watts for 2 hours and so on, until you must recharge.
Peak current capacity is too small as well compared with NUC wallwart.

What do you want to gain using it, anyway?

It’s not a pure DC source, that’s for sure.
It contains switch mode regulators for its AC and DC outputs, and its AC output will not be a sinewave either.

I’d forget about it…

You are probably right, intended to connect direct to DAC via USB and to avoid a costly LPS thought I could use a powerbank for dual function an travel and less cords littering the floor…

A “costly LPS” isn’t going help any anyway. The first thing the input see’s is a DC to DC converter (eg, switch mode psu) so any linear psu benefits are quickly negated. Don’t waste you money on this folly.

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So even if direct to dac via USB no benefit in SQ, many swear by it?

Roon recommend separating core and renderer functions, with good reason. I would suggest trying a raspberry pi 4 with ropieee - connected via wifi to the core, and USB to the DAC/amp.

I guess it makes more sense adding a RPI and stream via wifi then buy a LPS as it is cheaper as well…will try and stay audiophile and not audiofool…:wink: